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expressive chibi
expressive chibi commission on discount
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for 4 +10 on the monster acution



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Hello! I'm Heather c: Feel free to note me or leave a comment if you have any concerns,questions, or just want to talk.

Feel free to add me on skype: Boogle Snoot

Also feel free to tag me in things! c: I don't mind.

At the moment Wed-Friday are the best times to get ahold of me/expect art. I'm usually busy/out otherwise.

Trades Ask by Toy-Soul

Commissions here:…
To do list:…
Main/Personal Account:



Feel free to upload art/designs from me to toyhouse, please credit my toyhouse account!
Old accounts:
Mashed potato: (Not Me)
If you need files for your adopts/art/sketches or anything else I've sent you please let me know now! My stash is practically unusable its so full. I have to delete stuff!

You can also ask me to make adjustments to any commissions or adopts you've gotten from me. ( Changing hair/eye color/facial expression, adding small accessories/ removing or adding ears/tails ) If you want to know if the change you want is simple or not feel free to ask! For bigger changes (changing from male to female for example) you can offer a small amount of points or paypal and I'll see what I can do. My art is fairly easy for me to edit so I don't mind!
  • Listening to: Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes
  • Reading: Imajica
  • Watching: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Playing: Toejam and Earl
  • Eating: Rock Candy
  • Drinking: Rootbeer

Warning: this a very long list.

(There are more items I haven't listed as well)

Looking for: Characters, art, customs, whatever else you may think to give me. ( For an absolutely amazing offer I may consider just sending you everything on my account.)

What ive got: Festival chests from 2015 brightshine jubilee and on, Familiars and items from brightshine Jubilee and on, Skins, swipp items, baldwin stuff, all kinds of other things


I'm not looking for Flight rising stuff. I'm quitting. Honest to god this time. Heres my account:…

you can ask for my dragons (Except those born on July 11th) and anything on them as well!

All my lvl 25s are at the front and they have all their stones and attacks and they're built for grinding in the coli. They should have images in their profiles.

I'm going to be less lazy this time and kind of list out what I've got. These pictures are really just here to catch your attention lol, check the list below. I can send screencaps if you need proof I've got certain skins/items.

Arrrrrrt by DevilsCiderAaaa by DevilsCider

Unopened retired festival chests: ( These contain a skin and small amount of gems I believe)

Want to know what skin is in the chest? Check out the wiki and just type the name of the chest into the search bar.

2015 Brightshine Jubilee:

1. sunbreak chest
2.Coreburst chest
3.Sunbeam Sentinel Chest
4.Brightheart Chest X3
5.Candor Chest
6.Nightshatter Chest

2015 Thundercrack carnivale

1. Creeping circuits Chest
2. Dancing Conductor Chest X3
3. Thunder spear chest X4
4. ThunderVolt chest
5. Storm taken chest X4
6. Surge Chest X3

2015 flameforger:

1.Spirit Ablaze chest X2
2.Furnace Queen Chest X2
3. Lava Eater Chest X2
4.Skogsbrand Chest X2
5.Ignis Chest X2
6. Infernal Fur chest X4

2015 Starfall Celebration:

1. Little Universe Chest X5
2. Soul Gems chest X2
3. Crystalspine Aura Chest X3
4.Starwood Golem Chest
5.Enchanted Drake Chest X4
6.Spelldancer Chest X2

2015 Riot of Rot:

1.Contaminated Chest 
2.Union of Decay Chest
3.Cursed Watcher Chest X3
4.Cradle of Goo Chest
5.Rose Rot Chest X2
6. Engulfing Growths X3

2015 Rockbreaker Ceremony:

1.Petrified Pinions Chest X2
2.Rock and Root Chest X2
3.Painted History Chest 
4.Sedimentary Sentinel Chest
5.Veins of Gold Chest
6.Keeper of the Labyrinth

2016 Crystaline Gala:

1.Freezing breath chest
2.Crystal Rainbow chest
3.Freezer chest
4.Dark ice chest
5.Below zero chest
6.Frosted Chest

2016 trickmurk circus:

1.Tangled Trick Chest
2.Brambletrick Chest
3. Wispy Magic Chest X3
4.Tricky Guise Chest
5.Wandering Chest
6.ChessKnight Chest

2016 Mistral Jamboree:

1.Cloudsong Guard chest
2. ribbon breeeze chest
3.Wind Bells Chest
4.Kingfisher Chest
5.Bamboo Queen Chest
6.Gale Force Chest

2016 Wavecrest Saturnalia:

1.Leviathan Chest
2.Tropic tides Chest
3.Ocean Sword Chest
4.Ocean Gift Chest
5.Rainbow Fins Chest
6.Sea Mother Chest

2016 GreensKeeper Gathering:

1.Autumn Loreweaver chest
2.Seedling Protector Chest
3.Leafydo Chest
4.Shrieking striker Chest
5.Gladestream Chest
6.Tigerlily Chest

2016 brightshine jubilee:

1.Goldlight Chest
2.Featherback Chest
3.Twilight Oracle Chest
4.Sun Scatter Chest
5.Pixie Whisper Chest

2016 thundercrack carnivale:
1.Electric Sparkle Chest
2.Electrified Chest

2016 flameforger:

1.Masquerade Chest
2.Firebird chest
3.Gaseous Ignition Chest
4.Combustion Chest
5.Copper Melt Chest
6.Magma Hoarder Chest

2016 Starfall Celebration:

1.spectral sneak chest
2.Runeborn chest
3.Celestial Shimmer chest
4.Stellar Scholar Chest
5.Ethereal Planet Chest
6.Youngest God Chest

Specialty Items

Vista: 3rd Anniversary
Tertiary Gene: Runes
Vista: Starfall Celebration X3


Here is my stash with pics:

Page 1

Skin: double-tailed Warcat
Skin: Radioactive Slime
Ethereal Trickster
Skin: Cursed Bat
Accent: Lightburst Flora
Accent: Firebird Feathers
Skin: Basilisk
Skin: Bamboo Phytocat
Skin: Blooming strangler
Accent: Dracolich guardian M
Accent: Energy Trap X4
Skin: Cloud Chaser
Skin: Gilded Glass
Skin: Skysong
Accent: Splash
Skin: Glade Golem
Skin: Permafrost Impaler
Accent: Sunbreak
Accent: Kingsunglass
Accent: Bursting Core
Accent: Sunbeam Sentinel X2
Skin: Brightheart X2
Skin: Sunstone sentinel
Skin: Keeper of Candor

Page 2 

Skin: Sundaze
Skin: Shatter The Night X3
Accent: Mana Relic
Accent: Creeping Circuits
Accent: Result of Science
Accent: Dancing Conductor
Accent: Electrician's Night
Accent: Thunderspear
Accent: Little Bolt
Skin: Thundervolt
Skin: Down for Maintenance
Skin: Storm Taken
Skin: Mother of Circuit
Skin: Surge
Skin: Circuit Breaker
Accent: Spirit Ablaze
Accent: Simply a Flame
Accent: Blacksand Creature
Accent: Summerheat
Accent: Kindling King X 2
Skin: Rock and Flame
Skin: Cooling embers
Skin: Wildfire
Skin: Volcanic Queen
Accent: A little universe

Page 3

Accent: Crystalspined
Accent: Soul Gems
Accent: Quartzen X2
Accent: Endangered Cosmos
Accent: Arcane Dancer
Accent: Star collector
Skin: Mana Runes
Skin: spiraling supernova
Skin: Celestial Hues
Accent: Cradle of Goo
Accent: Rose Rot
Accent: Lich Armor
Accent: Boneyard Empress
Accent: Wyrmwound glow
Accent: Glowing Contagion X2
Skin: Plague Child
Skin: Rotrock Witch
Skin: Rotten Skeleton
Skin: Bracket Sporehost
Skin: Depleted Dreams
Accent: Cairn Contagion
Accent: Crystallized Queen
Accent: Earthen Tribute
Accent: Opalesque
Skin: Hidden Beauty
Skin: Veins of Gold

page 4

Skin: Citrine Sheen
Skin: The Awakening
Skin: Living Vein
Accent: Freezing Breath
Accent: Snowflake
Accent: Hibernal Wanderer
Skin: Frozen Flight
Skin: Glacial Warden
Skin: Icewraith
Accent: Bramble Juggler
Skin: Umbral Fleece
accent: Inscribed Cartographer
Accent: Whispering Mantis
Accent: Mistral Sing Along
Skin: Leaf on the Wind
Skin: Spring Breeze
Skin: Windchild
Skin: Beast from Below
Skin: My Tears
Skin: Pelagic Grotto
Skin: Riptide
Accent: Mariner's Tattoos
Accent: School Migration
Accent: Tender Grasp
Accent: Leafy Seadragon
Accent: Epiphyllum
Skin: Old Growth

page 5

Skin: Glow of the Hive
Skin: Stormcloud Construct
Accent: Oxyacetylene Flames
Accent: Ancestral Runes
Accent: Nebula Walker
Accent: Starwood Trail X2
Skin: almagest
Skin: Spectral Sneak
Skin: Cosmic construct
Skin: Spiral Galaxy
Skin: Arcanists accomplice
Accent: Smog Keeper


(More to come, only listed special familiars- I have 14 pages of familiars)

Velvet Floracat
Tuxedo Floracat
Livewire Grizzly
Hibernal Starbear
Corundum Chameleon X2
Graveyard Guardian X2
Snarling Mimic
Sundial Imposter X 2
Fungusbearing Phony
Jadecarved Decoy
Timber Tender X3
Loga X2
Sunbeam Soldier
Lightning Lancer X6
Molten Marauder X5
Juvenile Starsweeper
Stardust Scholar X4
Empress Beetle
Granine Guardian X3
Bogus Manamonger
Smokebillow Sham X3
Thornthick Theif
Deadly Reflection
Magic Mirror
Painted Marionette
unlikely alliance
Wooden Marionette X2
Deadland Disciple X 3
Cragward Custodian X3
Insubstantial Illusionist
Hurricane Herald
Marshland poodle Mith
Seawater Savior
Sapling Speaker
Shining Goblin
Sparkling Goblin X2
Blazing Goblin
Enchanting Goblin X5
Enduring Goblin


Ive got more than these but I attempted to just add the specialty ones
Blushing Pink Rose X7
Venomscale wing guard X2
Gold Filigree Banner
Silver Filigree Banner
Silver Filigree Gauntlets
Silver Filigree Helmet
Silver Filigree Tail Guard X2
Iron Filigree Wing Guard
Silver Filigree Boots
Leafy GladeBoughs
Illuminated Crown X2
Solar Blades X3
Electrician's Crown X5
Mesa Mechanojets X4
Filigree Rapier
Searing Crown X6
Will O' the ember X6
White Aviator Scarf
Navy Aviator Scarf
Black Aviator Scarf
Black Aviator Satchel
Contrast Aviator Helmet
Black Aviator Helmet
Contrast Aviator Coat
Black Aviator Coat
Contrast Aviator Gloves
Black Aviator Gloves
Black Aviator Boots
Mysterious Mantle
Red Mantle
Starseer's Crown X3
Cosmologist Fieldtools X 5
Forest Rogue Footpads
Contrast Rogue Hood
Tanned Rogue MAsk
Infectionist's Crown X2
Skeletal Chimes X3
Soft pink silk sash
Stonekeeper Crown X3
Bluffclamber Belongings X3
Rubycap Colony
Conjurer's Cloak X2
Conjurer's Cobwebs X2
Magician's Cloak
Magician's Herb Pouch
Frigid Crown
Chillspike crown
Gloomwillow Guide
Shady Crown
Weary Focus
Wiggly Sight
Warmwater Wanderers
Mage's Thicket hat 
Mage's Sapphire Socks
Mage's Thicket Socks
Butterfly's kiss
Luminous Legguards
Surgestream Coat X2
Black Iron Plates 
Starlight Cloak X4
Marva's Invisibility Cloak
The Emperor's New clothes


Its been a while since I played so I may make some mistakes in listing these- ill double check and add more later

Onyx Cobra X81
Amethyst Striker X87
Emerald Striker X27
Bone Fragments ( 3 sets of 99 + 1 set of 98)
Fragile Antlers ( 3 sets of 99 + 1 set of 97)
Celestial Horn (5 sets of 99 + 1 set of 83)
Sea Scorpion Fossil (4 sets of 99 + 1 set of 68)
Chimera Relic (7 sets of 99 +1 of 68)
  • Listening to: Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes
  • Reading: Imajica
  • Watching: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Playing: Toejam and Earl
  • Eating: Rock Candy
  • Drinking: Rootbeer
I got a new schedule and I got a little screwed up and havent had time to do much. Im now doing my volunteer work mondays and tuesdays.I Plan to start putting out art on wednesday. Im going to try to do it earlier but  im usually busy those days. Ill be sending out owed files and everything tomorrow afternoon!!
  • Listening to: Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes
  • Reading: Imajica
  • Watching: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Playing: Toejam and Earl
  • Eating: Rock Candy
  • Drinking: Rootbeer
:iconmusical-crayon: and I went through our characters yesterday and cleaned them out so shes handling the sales/trades if you want to check it out! We don't really co-own shes just my only rp partner so we put them all in one place to make it easy. Shes has my full permission to do whatever with any of the characters on there. ;w; She of course double checks if she has permission to sell or trade before she accepts any offers. We want to respect the artists wishes.

When we first started adopting we went a little crazy and we just started realizing we aren't going to use them. We had a huge thing planned out but it was a little too ambitious and we've got characters we'll never rp with. So there is no point in holding onto them. Some of these are really old ocs of mine that I designed in highschool and i've got no use anymore.

[OPEN / OFFERS] **NEW ADDITIONS  3/28/2017 by Musical-Crayon
  • Listening to: Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes
  • Reading: Imajica
  • Watching: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Playing: Toejam and Earl
  • Eating: Rock Candy
  • Drinking: Rootbeer
I'm not sure if I made it clear that I had one of these but here it is: 

(There are two tabs at the bottom, one for commissions one for art trades)
About the List

It Includes everything from customs and commissions, to art trades.

So I keep track of everything on there now and I update it as I work so you can see if I'm sketching/coloring your commission or if I've even started yet. It even has a list of how long each commissioner has been waiting, which keeps me motivated to get them done in a somewhat timely manner instead of slacking off. You can also use it to decide whether or not you want to order, the more orders I have the longer itll take me to get to you. If you need something done before a certain date (Holidays,birthdays) just let me know before hand and I'll see what I can do.
Wait times

I don't typically expect to take more than 2-3 weeks to finish something but sometimes I get busy. I'm slow and some of the commissions take longer than others, usually takes me about 24 hours of straight drawing to complete a fullbody commission. (I'm a perfectionist to the best of my abilities OTL) So if you're further down the list expect to wait closer to a month or more. Please feel free to harass me about stuff, I won't be upset and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If its been too long and you get tired of waiting, feel free to cancel. Since the sale is over my waiting list should start to shrink~

So far I'm doing pretty good at getting at least one thing done a day on my days off! ( Monday,Wednesday, Friday at the moment)

Not on the list?

It may take me a day or so to add you if you just ordered, but i'm trying to get into the habit of adding immediately after I respond to an order. Feel free to leave a message here if I owe you ANYTHING at all and you aren't listed on my to do list.
Questions about commissions?

If you have any questions about my waiting list, my commissions, my terms of service, or anything else at all feel free to ask me here or anywhere else!
  • Listening to: Fell in love with a girl- The White Stripes
  • Reading: Imajica
  • Watching: Santa Clarita Diet
  • Playing: Toejam and Earl
  • Eating: Rock Candy
  • Drinking: Rootbeer

Journal History


Took the week off from volunteering, now I've got lots of time to do some art! I really want to catch up and empty up my to do list. I keep getting busy and its killing me to be taking so long.
Doing my best to catch up on commissions before friday. I'm going into a few temp agencies to see if they can't find me some work! I'd like to have as little pending as possible in case they do find me something right away and I get really busy. c: Would be nice to finally have lots of money in my pockets for adopts and commissions.
I'll be sending files and confirming payments tomorrow afternoon. I'm so tired tonight. Today started off incredibly hectic while I was volunteering. Some people passed out on me and that was the first time I had to deal with it by myself. Nearly gave me a heart attack. ahhhh. Too much adrenaline.
I'm torn between drawing and playing persona 5. I can't do anything in moderation OTL


Is there anyone out there who would be offended at receiving surprise gift art from a stranger? 

66 deviants said No
2 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said I don't have anything I would want art of.


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